Organizing Your Home and Life


Posted on: June 3, 2009

All aspects of a home for sale are really important even those areas that are behind closed doors such as a pantry.  Pantries tend to get cluttered easily because they are usually hidden. But if you are trying to sell your house, buyers will look at it and you don’t want a big mess to be looking back at them. 

Below is a photo of a fairly messy pantry.


With some forethought and help you can turn a messy looking pantry into a neat pantry like shown below.


It doesn’t take a lot of money either to fix your pantry up into something that looks visually appealing.

1.  First you need to take all of the items out of the pantry…everything!

2.  Next you need to look everything over and throw out anything old and expired or donate anything that you no longer want to use but it’s still in good condition.

3.  Categorize your items into logical categories, ie. canned veggies, paper products, spices, cereals, etc.

4.  Use clear containers for items such as rice, sugar, flour, noodles, and other such items.  It is cleaner this way and won’t attract bugs.

5.  Carefully put back all of the items onto the shelves. Try to keep the less used items on the top or bottom shelves and the more commonly used items in the middle.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line.

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