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An Easy Grocery List

Posted on: June 5, 2009

One of my most hated chores is grocery shopping.  But it is necessary isn’t it?  I find that I hate it the most because it always takes quite a bit of time out of my day that I don’t really have or would rather be spending doing something else like playing with my kids or working out.  Do you find this same kind of problem with grocery shopping?  Well if you do keep reading.

So one day I was grocery shopping – and hating it I might add – and I was trying to figure out how to make the shopping trip more organized and one that takes less time than I was taking.  I realized via my shopping list that it was really disorganized.  In other words, my list is just a bunch of items written down in no particular order on a piece of paper.  I spent so much time in the aisles looking for corresponding items on my list.  Often times I would miss something and have to backtrack or after looking over the list I found that I didn’t need to be in that aisle at all.  What a waste of time!

So I decided to reorganize my shopping list into categories. I grouped all items together that are all on an aisle together like pasta and rice. Another group for dairy (milk, butter, eggs). Another group for meats. Another group for produce. Another group for paper products. Get the point?

Of course, being the A-type that I am, I couldn’t just leave my idea like that without creating a cute little pdf document that has all the categories laid out for me and add a cute little touch of my own.  Of course I have to give credit to Organizing Junkie who had something similar on her website and who I modeled my list after.

Grocery List Template

2 Responses to "An Easy Grocery List"

I have some thoughts on grocery shopping, mostly from the view of the average guy. I can’t seem to keep my focus at all so a list like yours would nearly make me pass out. haha. I commend your organization though!

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