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Preparing for Disaster

Posted on: August 11, 2009

I am reading a fascinating book right now with respect to organizing for disaster.  I know that to most it would probably be as exciting as watching paint dry but to a person like myself who loves to organize this is an exciting topic.  But in all reality it is extremely important to be prepared in the event that you need to evacuate.  In some instances you will not have time to think about what you are taking with you when you do evacuate so that makes it all the more important to be prepared well in advance.

Some interesting facts I have learned are that 90% of all Americans believe it is imporant to have a disaster plan but only 5-10% of those Americans do actually have a disaster plan.  Do you?  Do you remember the citizens who were displaced after Hurricane Katrina?  A lot of them were bussed to a different state and had no choice but to move their lives temporarily.  This meant moving children and elderly parents.  That means they needed to recreate their lives in another city.  This means that they would need to have records of who they are so they could get jobs, put their kids in school, continue health care and medicine, and keep their credit going.  Think about what would happen if you had 24 hours to evacuate and what would happen if you had to move your family to a new city and all you had was the stuff you could bring with you.  What would you bring?

I could write on and on about what should go into a disaster plan but I am saving all of those words for my own future book.  However I will give a few tips on some things to start you off on creating your own disaster plan.

1.  If a disaster hits you will need to have enough food and water in order to sustain you and your family for up to 5 days.    This includes your pets too.

2.  If you have to go to a shelter do you know where you would go and if you have a pet does your shelter accommodate them?  If not, what happens to your pet? 

3.  First aid kits and supplies – you hear this all the time…get your batteries, lanterns, battery operated radio, candles, etc etc.  That is true.  You will need all that and more.  Don’t forget the can opener.

4.  Paperwork – this is probably one of the most important areas that most people forget or don’t really prepare for.  You should have some kind of waterproof container with all of your important paperwork that you can have with you ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Think hard about what kind of papers you want to have with you such as copies of house deed, insurance cards, social security cards, birth certificates, wills, life insurance policies, kids immunization records, marriage certificate, pet records, credit card (both sides), bank account numbers, pin numbers for all important accounts, and other special warranties that you cannot afford to lose.

There are many other things that can go into a disaster kit and you can customize it to your own satisfaction.  It’s very important and when you need it you might not have time to prepare for it.  So prepare now when you have time.

2 Responses to "Preparing for Disaster"

I think most people don’t avoid this subject because they find it boring, but because they don’t want to think about it – kind of like writing a will. Thank you for this very important message!

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