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Three Quick Tips to a Neat Home

Posted on: September 8, 2009

Sometimes being neat and clean doesn’t take a whole lot of effort.  In fact sometimes it is just about changing a few old habits.  These three tips can help start you onto the road of clutter control and organization.

1.  Make your bed – As soon as you wake up make the bed.  I have done this every day since I was a kid.  Messy beds really make the room look sloppy and undone.  It doesn’t matter how neat and picked up the rest of the room is.  If the bed is unkept it ruins the entire look of the room. 

2.  Never leave dishes in the sink.  I never leave dishes in the sink nor do I let my kids leave their dishes in the sink.  I do use a dishwasher so I put the dishes right into the washer for future washing.   Also, I never go to bed with dishes in the sink or on the counter top either.  One reason is because dirty dishes attract bugs.  Another reason is because, for me, there is nothing worse than waking up to work waiting for you and dish washing is definitely WORK!  I prefer to be more proactive with my dishes and have them all done before bedtime.  If you do not have the luxury of a dishwasher (which I have at various times in my life) then handwash your dishes and then dry them and put them away as soon as possible.  I learned this rule from my mom who also implemented the same rule when I was a kid.  Consequently the kitchen never looked horrendous when I woke up the next day.  Following this rule also allows you a peace of mind when you wake up in the morning to a fresh, clean kitchen.

3.  Five minute rule in each room – I love this rule and follow it all of the time.  The rule basically says that when you go into any given room during your day, spend a total of five minutes to pick up in the room, throw some visual clutter away, or do a sweep of the room if things are out of place.  It’s a rule that forces you to address clutter and mess as it is happening as opposed to a week later when the clutter is so out of control that all you want to do is leave the room and shut the door.  Being more proactive than reactive is the key to keeping clutter under control.

Following these three easy rules will not only help you control the clutter but it will give you a sense of relief that order is being kept in your home.

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