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Organizing For Halloween

Posted on: October 6, 2009

Halloween is just a few short weeks away.  Here are few tips on how to get organized and planning for the big day.

1. Get your costumes today!  It’s still early enough but go today in order to avoid the rush and getting the scraps that are always left at the last week.

2.  Buy candy now.  There are some really great deals in the stores on candy.   Figure out how much you will need and don’t forget to count the kid’s school parties. 

3.  Pull out your Halloween decorations from the attic and set everything up around the house and outside of the house.  Kids love the festive and spooky look. 

4.  Search the local papers and online to find the local haunted houses or party celebrations.

5.  Buy your pumpkins before all of the good ones get sold.  Pull our your pie recipes and start planning your baking list.

6.  Keep making lists and planning ahead because as soon as Halloween is over it will be time to launch into Thanksgiving mode.


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