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I am so grateful to this dear friend who asked me to help her organize some areas in her home that needed attention and organization.  The reason I am grateful to her is because she has faith in me that I can help her and I am. 

I have always been an organizer and declutterer.  Growing up I didn’t have a lot of material things so I always took pride in the little stuff that I did have.  I loved to see my stuff shine and sparkle.  I cleaned my room all the time.  I know that is very unusual for being a small kid but I suppose it was just something that was instilled in me at a young age..”take care of your stuff because we aren’t going to replace it if you don’t.”  I heard that all the time from my parents who were doing everything they could to keep a roof over my head and my three other brothers.  My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad was always working.  Sometimes we lived paycheck to paycheck.  I didn’t mind it because it was all I knew but I believe that having this kind of life gave me a good work ethic and it forced me to appreciate the things I had because I knew they were hard to come by.

So I was always dusting and vacuuming my room and making my bed.  I was always cleaning and organizing my drawers and closet and cleaning out under the bed.  I took care a lot.

I am the same way now in my adult life.  The financial struggles are not the same as when I was a kid but my organizing work ethic has remained.  The good feeling I get inside is the same when I organize or clean up an area of my own house that needs attention.

Which brings me to this dear friend who invited me to her home to help her organize.  I go into my clients homes with an open mind and no judgements.  I LOVE this and it makes me feel great to help people so this is where I feel so comfortable and helpful.  I hope that I can get this business off the ground because I feel that this is my comfort zone.

Right now my plan is to continue blogging and researching and finding people who will allow me to come into their homes to make their lives a little bit better and more organized.


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Hi i read your”about me”and i found that we have a lot in common.Your early life till adult i am also going to be your new follower ..:)

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