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Halloween is just a few short weeks away.  Here are few tips on how to get organized and planning for the big day.

1. Get your costumes today!  It’s still early enough but go today in order to avoid the rush and getting the scraps that are always left at the last week.

2.  Buy candy now.  There are some really great deals in the stores on candy.   Figure out how much you will need and don’t forget to count the kid’s school parties. 

3.  Pull out your Halloween decorations from the attic and set everything up around the house and outside of the house.  Kids love the festive and spooky look. 

4.  Search the local papers and online to find the local haunted houses or party celebrations.

5.  Buy your pumpkins before all of the good ones get sold.  Pull our your pie recipes and start planning your baking list.

6.  Keep making lists and planning ahead because as soon as Halloween is over it will be time to launch into Thanksgiving mode.


It’s my favorite time of the year – a planners dream….the end of September means that the holidays are right around the corner.  Year after year we all continue to get behind and each year I become more and more determined to not become behind.  This is why my goal is to have a holiday game plan in place by October 1.  Some of the things on my goal sheet are exampled below:

1.  Halloween costumes – start shopping for those now.  Avoid the long lines.  If you are making your own costumes, start now as well. 

2.  Holiday portraits – if you are not taking the portraits yourself, this should be planned out now including making the appointment and going.  It takes a few weeks to get portraits back and it is best to avoid procrastinating on this.  As the holidays get closer it will get harder to make a timely appointment.

3.  Holiday greeting cards – Start getting your address lists in order. Print out mailing labels and return address labels.  You can find some good sales on holiday cards so if you buy now you will be way ahead of the game.  You can then start to write up your cards or start to create your family newsletter.

4.  Thanksgiving plans – Thanksgiving is only 2 months away.  Start contacting your family and friends to see how you all will celebrate your Thanksgiving day.  If you are cooking, start to plan out what the menu will be and what kind of recipes you will need.  Get your decorations together and ready to be put out after Halloween.

5.  Purge in your house – This rule is really important especially if you have kids.  Your kids will likely get many gifts so it is important to purge any old items or toys or games that they no longer use. Do the same for clothes too.  Think of giving these items to charity.

6. Speaking of charities start thinking about whether or not you want to give to charity this holiday season. If so, figure out how much you will be giving whether it is money or merchandise.  If merchandise, start shopping now. 

7.  Have your kids get their holiday gift lists in order as well and start a budget for yourself to ensure that you are not overspending and that you are keeping within a specific budgetary guideline.

8.  Gifts – it’s never too early to shop for the favorite people in your life.

If you can start accomplishing some of these tasks early you will be way ahead of the game.

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