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I picked up my calendar last night to organize some of my activities for the month and realized there are only 7 weeks left until Christmas.  It sounds like such a short amount of time to get so much done.  So I decided then that this was the weekend I really had to get a move on if I am going to have an enjoyable holiday for myself and my kids.  And I am going to document my journey right here on my blog so that you too can follow along.


I have four kids.  Two are in high school.  One is in elementary school and one is in preschool.  I cannot tell you how many people over the years have asked me what I do with all of that artwork.

Over the past 16 years, thousands of pieces of artwork have walked through my front doors with everything from drawings to sculptures to models.   Miraculously (or  maybe not so miraculously) I have managed to organize it all and keep it all under control.  I am a natural organizer so many times it happens without a lot of thought from myself but I know that is not the case for everyone.  So I have put together several tips that help guide me though the piles so that I can avoid clutter and being overwhelmed.

1. Decide what is worth of keeping.   I know that might be a very tall order considering you would like to keep everything but this is where you need to be extra judicious.  Not everything is keepable.  Perhaps you can sit your child down and go over the keepable stuff with him or her. 

2.  Have a file box or bin or drawer in your house for keepable stuff to store throughout the year.  Preferably this file is flat and a size that can hold odd shaped or sized art.  Everything goes into this file.

3.  At the end of every school year go through these boxes/drawers a second time and sort out the stuff that is keepable and the stuff to toss.  You might have a different opinion on it at the end of the school year.  Do your best to eliminate at least 40-50% of what is in this file.

4.  Whatever is leftover in this yearly file box should be transferred to a more permanent storage spot like the attic.  Get a airtight and waterproof container to store your art.

5.  If you have a scanner you should consider scanning the art digitally.  This is a good idea for stuff that is not your top pick of keepable items but you still would like to have a momento on hand.


Last week I blogged about my dad who was painfully taken from us a few weeks ago.  I do get overcome sometimes with grief and I know that is a normal part of the process.  Yesterday a rep from a hospital where my dad was once a patient called my house to ask how to get in touch with my dad. She was planning a reunion and wanted to invite him to come. I had to share with her our painful news.  It stung to have to repeat it and sometimes I feel for the person on the other end of the phone who really doesn’t know what to say.  So I just talked soothingly and reassured her that I was ok and that things would be alright.

Over these past several days I have found myself migrating to my dad’s condo to clean up and clean it out.  To others it might seem like work but to me it doesn’t.  I find myself cleaning and dusting and boxing up things and it doesn’t make me sad.  It doesn’t make me tired.  In fact it does just the opposite.  It makes me feel like I am taking care of my mom and dad’s things in a respectful manner the way I feel they deserved to have their things treated. 

I love to organize and it is my passion and being able to organize and declutter my parent’s condo for the eventual sale is something I cherish.  It’s something I feel I am doing as my last bit of service to my parents who gave so much of themselves to get me to where I am today.

As I organize and clean up and clean out, I learn about myself and I talk to my dad because in my heart he hears me and I feel better for it.  This is all a process but one that I am glad to do for my dear ole’ dad.

Well it has been a while since I have posted anything resembling my blog.

My dad passed away on October 12 and I just haven’t felt like doing any writing since then.  I know I will get back into the swing of things soon because I want to.  I have been going through my dad’s things and while they do make me reflect a lot and even sometimes make me cry, I feel a sense of peace in making sure his things are handled in an organized fashion.

I guess that’s how us organizers are.

But I have also learned a lot about how to pick up after the loss of a loved one, literally and figuratively, and intent to blog about in the near future.

In the meantime, hug your family close today and have a great and fulfilling weekend!

I am so excited to have a personal fan page on facebook.  You can get to it by going to this link:

All kinds of great advice there and I am interactive with my status updates and comments section. I just linked some blogs to it and I am getting ready to add some video to it.

Check it out and interact.  Oh, and feel free to ask lots of questions if you need help in any area.

Halloween is just a few short weeks away.  Here are few tips on how to get organized and planning for the big day.

1. Get your costumes today!  It’s still early enough but go today in order to avoid the rush and getting the scraps that are always left at the last week.

2.  Buy candy now.  There are some really great deals in the stores on candy.   Figure out how much you will need and don’t forget to count the kid’s school parties. 

3.  Pull out your Halloween decorations from the attic and set everything up around the house and outside of the house.  Kids love the festive and spooky look. 

4.  Search the local papers and online to find the local haunted houses or party celebrations.

5.  Buy your pumpkins before all of the good ones get sold.  Pull our your pie recipes and start planning your baking list.

6.  Keep making lists and planning ahead because as soon as Halloween is over it will be time to launch into Thanksgiving mode.

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